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I shall live! - Devotional

Posted 3-11-’21

‘Vitality’ is one of the three SONmusic values. 

Jesus desires for us to live life abundantly, to live from the overflow! 

This Devotional ‘I shall live’ is made to help you 

speak life and to proclaim ‘life’ over yourself or someone else


You can look up the following Scriptures,

read them aloud and pray them out loud as you listen to the music:  

Psalm 16, Psalm 118:15-18, Romans 8:10,11, John 3:13-17, 6:47-58 & 10:10.



The Psalms series

From November 2020 until March 2021 I have been going through Psalms 19-41 by singing out these Psalms, praying them aloud whilst singing. I made 33 video-devotionals and uploaded these as ‘The Psalms ‘Series’ as a faith-booster for you during lock-down. 

The Psalms ususally are divided into 5 ‘books’. The Psalms Series are covering the 2nd part of volume 1 of these 5 books. 


As you are watching the video you can read along and pray along.

The Psalms are sung almost literelally following the translations that are mentioned. Sometimes verses are switched around, or paraphrases are used to make the text more singable.



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What is a devotional?

A ‘devotional’ is a time of personal prayer, with the help of quiet worship. Devotionals offer you an opportunity to meditate on (the) Bible verses whilst remaining in an atmosphere of worship, in the Presence of God. It offers a setting to sit at the feet of Jesus, like Mary (Luke 10:38-42) did and to devote yourself anew to God. 



Whilst listening to a devotional you can

* look up Bible verses using the key words and meditate on these verses.

* prayerfully ponder about who God is, for instance thinking about God’s goodness: how does God’s goodness become visible in the Bible? In your own life? 

* ask the Holy Spirit for more insight. Pray for yourself, but you can also enter into a time of intercession and ask God to reveal and confirm His goodness in the life of other persons. 

* pray scriptures aloud when they are being sung. You can repeat these verses, allowing the Holy Spirit to highlight specific words and bring revelation. Repeat a sentence as many times as needed before moving on to the next verse.



Stay focussed, do not allow yourself to be distracted

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