Uganda trip 2018
UGANDA March 28th - April 8th 2018


After a good flight to Entebbe, with a stop in Kigali, Rwanda, Johan Verhoef (Forerunner ministries / House of prayer Amersfoort) and myself are warmly welcomed by Isaac, his wife Sylvia, Rachel and Henry. We drive to the house of the Honorable Judith Babirye where we will be staying. It is dark and after midnight when we drive the road from Entebbe to Kampala.


THURSDAY March 29 

This evening, we drive with Honorable to Jinja for the crusade. We first we stop at a small hospital along the road side where Honorable visits a 3 year old girl who was burnt by hot water. Honorable chooses to visit the girl first, even though we are late and the crusade leaders are waiting for our arrival. The first assignment was to give a 3 minute word at the crusade in Jinja. Both Johan Verhoef and I shared our hearts with and for the people. It is impressive, experiencing all these beautiful people, life and traffic here, and to see and feel God’s heart for  Uganda. Deliverance took place.


FRIDAY March 30 

We attended the Good Friday worship service at the United Christian Centre -Inner man ministries-, in Kampala where Johan brings a deep message on how Jesus loved us so much that He came down to earth, became human, lowered Himself on the cross. He was despised, beaten, betrayed. Still He empowered those who killed Him to do what needed to be done. The Abraham-covenant revelation that Johan shares this evening had a huge impact.

I bring my song ‘Altar of Grace’ in the response time and together with our host Honorable, who is member of parliament for district Buikwe, and an outstanding Ugandan worship leader and recording artist with such a passionate heart, and Pastor Isaac Ssenyonjo, (our contact who prepared all meetings for this mission trip) we flow into a time of worshipful response and (re)dedication to God.


SATURDAY March 31 

Saturday evening we drive to the YMCA University for a gathering with students. Honorable joined us and encourages the students brilliantly with a word and worship songs. Pastor Isaac Ssenyonjo (Leader of  Youth Revival Movement) invited us to come to Kampala and arranged for us to meet with these students. What an excellent encourager to the youth he is, it touches my heart to see him interact with them.

Johan preaches beautifully from his heart. I was able to press on the student’ s heart to never lose hope and to keep stay ‘bubbly’ and alive. I sing a spontaneous song over Christine, one of the students. We worship and dance for hours. Three students give their life to Jesus, Hallelujah!



 We celebrate Easter in Kampala. We join a church where Johan preaches about the end times, and where I bring the word; ‘Joy’ in encouragement and songs. I share that I think God has given specifically this church the key of ‘joy’ for breakthrough. I am truly humbled when Honorable supports me on the stage when I sing: ‘I’m trading my sorrows’, ‘O happy day’ and ‘Salvation belongs to our God’. I make use of the music group who is skilled to back me up. This whole week I am being supported by Uganda’s top musicians. Such a privilege!



 In the morning preparation time for this day a new song bubbles up in me: ‘You are the reason’. I decide to sing the song at the Multitech Christian Fellowship gathering this afternoon. They are hosting worship leaders and musicians for the worship training this day. Host Able Kakembo warmly welcomes us and again, a time of praise to start with. Isaac, our new friends Patricia and Godfrey, Henry and others take turns to lead songs.


Johan gives an overview of the 24/7 prayer and worship movement, and how this is preparing the way for Jesus to come back.  He also teaches the students how to sing out scripture. Then I follow up with a message about identity. We do an exercise where we ask the Holy Spirit to give us a name, an ‘identity/calling name’. This is new, 2 persons shared what the Lord said or reminded them of.

Then we worshiped again, intensely, and the presence of the Lord came so very, very strong upon us.



 Today we head of to the 1st of 4 lunch hour meetings at the Mukisa Arcade, where Johan will preach and give insight into the end times, the return of the Lord; mainly going into Matthew and Revelation. We end up arriving 10 minutes before time. This is just enough time for Johan to introduce himself to pastor John Bunjo. This turns out to be a good way to start connecting (instead of rushing into the lunch hour and preaching immediately, without a proper introduction on both sides). 

The welcome is warm. We sense the genuine love, passion and a sincere dependence on God here!!

Because of time Patricia is driving with us to the afternoon programme. It is God-given that she joins us for the practical worship training at the Bride of Christ church, just outside Kampala. The pastor and his wife are the sweetest welcoming people. Because of the rain, not many people show up. I give some vocal training and then I give input on how to merge 4 worship leaders into 1 leader, together following the Holy Spirit as one.



 Today Johan preaches the 1st of the end times message during the lunch hour. It is so good to see the light and fire come shining out his eyes as he preaches with the Holy Spirit. I introduce the preaching with spontaneously singing out a part of Revelation 5 and ‘Worthy is the Lamb’.


In the afternoon we again visit the Bride of Christ church for the 2nd worship training there. We are a bit late to arrive, with a fierce sun burning. Godfrey took the lead in starting to teach on worship. First I lead into Ephesians 3: only together we can discover how deep, high, wide, long the love of God is and what this means for a worship team. You can only lead so far into Christ (‘s love) as you have gone as a team yourself. The holiness and right-standing with God of each team member personally and of the combined team together (the depth of the love that goes around in the team itself) determines the depth of love that we can lead God’s people into. If I keep sin in my life, then I keep others from going deeper into Christ. This is my personal take on Ephesians 3.

This inspires me to sing ‘More love, more power’ and sing prophetically over the church and the people attending. Even though it is hard to play this keyboard without a pedal, I do the best I can with Godfrey echoeing my sentences in Luganda, while singing. It sounds great and from what I can tell, he did an amazing job. We blessed each person with the end blessing of Ephesians 6. And we enjoy the beautiful sunset as we leave.


In the evening we preach and sing at Isaac’s church. I prep the preaching with the song ‘Jesus at the center’ as me and Isaac’s team kneel down in a circle on the platform. Leaving the middle spot open for Jesus to be at the center of us all. Johan preached so powerfully and personally on love this evening.


 Today Johan gives the 2nd teaching on the return of the Lord at the Mukisa Arcade, introduced by my song ‘One word’ about the 5th seal, after singing out spontaneously this scripture from Revelation 6.

Then we go to give the worship training in a neighborhood in Kampala, to the Gospel of Life Int. min. There different teams from different churches will get together for the training. The peace of the Lord rests on this church. We start with prayer and the Holy Spirit touches me deeply. This is a significant moment in time and I start with encouraging hte worshipers to be intentional. ‘If you aim at nothing you will always hit it’. I get more into the flow of teaching and connecting with the people. I  share my personal testimony on waiting on God in ministry, mastering servant-hood, and the importance of maintaining unity in a team. With q&a I know exactly what and where to feed into. It is a good session. Johan left immediately to preach at a University.

After the training I joined him there to sing 1 song. Most keyboard players do not use a pedal, although it sounds like they do. It is very hard for me to play there the way I am used to playing at home:). I make use of the skilled musicians whenever/where ever I can, instead of playing myself. We totally enjoyed the company of our new friends Henry and Innocence and little Rennetta this evening.


FRIDAY April 6

Today is the last lunch hour. Selfie time with the sound guys and keyboard player :).

After the lunch hour we leave for the last worship training at a big church, teaching their 5 worship teams. Worship team members from other churches are attending as well. Again we have a very good session, feeding into the questions of the people, as well as me singing over several people on request. When I shared about prophetic worship, they wanted to taste and receive it, yeah. God was so quick to respond with pouring out His love on them.

And then immediately after the training we join the all night prayer where students from several Universities are gathered to pray and worship until about 3pm. We all have an amazing time and Johan preaches the good gospel about Jesus, love and several students gave their life to Christ. Honorable blesses the students with leading in worship and dancing with them. Godfrey brought in the joy with worship and dance and I was privileged to sing a new song over everyone there, in response to johan’s message, and ‘Good, good Father’ and ‘I could sing of Your love for ever’.


 Honorable Judith takes us for a tour at the parliament building, followed by a good lunch in a beautiful hotel with Honorable, Eva, Isaac, Sylvia and James. We feel privileged as we hear that Hon. Judith normally does not easily go out into the center without her guard. Then all that’s left is to visit the African stores and get us some souvenirs.



 After a day of rest, this will be the last day to minister. The church where Johan will be preaching is pretty far away. Honorable Judith joins us.

I join, but will leave the service early with Isaac to go to his (and Innocence’s) former Buddo Secondary school to preach. It is YRM Sunday there. We pick Innocence and Edith up along the way. We are late, so there are only 10 minutes left to share the story behind my song ‘Love everlasting’ and sing the song for the students, plus ‘Forever You are faithful’, so that they can join in as well. Isaac shares about YRM, recruiting the teens to be a part of that and we pray for several of the teenagers. That just made my day! This was short but very sweet and I am glad that we went.


We have lunch at honorable’s home, she is out, duty calls, but with our suitcases we leave to join her at ‘Pope Paul’ to enjoy each other’s company, a ginger tea, and to say goodbye. There is no time left to go to prayer mountain so we leave to catch our flight.


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